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The Artifice of Eternity by Aaron Arm

The Artifice of Eternity

"Eloquent prose and character-driven narrative gives the story a literary feel ... will leave readers thinking about this book long after the last page is turned. Add in incisive explorations of human nature, and there’s plenty of food for thought here."

-Publishers Weekly

"Propulsive and thought-provoking ... Arm masterfully provides back story in the form of media reports and interviews and gives readers the ideal amount of context to be excited and read on ...  part speculative, part mystery, part fantasy, part sci-fi, and all enjoyable. It is one of my most admired books of the year."

-Nadia Udden, author of Edison in the Hood

A sweeping science fiction narrative that explores humanity's first attempt to reboot society in a new world, deemed Project Exodus. But amid the lush landscapes and alien life, challenges arise from within civilization itself. Meanwhile, an otherworldly figure lurks in an unknown pocket of time and space...


Reign of Fire

An anthology of short stories,

all connected by a single thread: dragons. 

Published by Dragon Soul Press.  

Currently available in Kindle or paperback.

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