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Writing & editing samples

I have a breadth of experience in technical writing, copywriting, SEO web content, and editing. I stand by the quality of my work, whether I'm freelancing or working with a corporate team. Here are just a few samples of what I can do...

Technical writing

Coding Station

Knowledge Center guide (1)

"How do I convert an unencrypted Multi-AZ DB cluster to an encrypted Multi-AZ DB cluster?"

An article for AWS's Knowledge Center, guiding users on a procedure for Amazon Relational Database Service.


Financial Graphs

SEO blog post (1)

"Construction Accidents and Falls from Roofs"

A blog post to drive traffic to a personal injury attorney's website, detailing the risk of a construction accident and potential for workers' compensation.



Line editing samples

I've edited hundreds of texts from clients around the world. From medical reports to biology studies, business proposals, video game reviews, engineering plans, and systematic reviews... I can help polish virtually any text for any occasion.

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