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Grammer Editing

Editing services

I have years of experience as a freelance line editor and proofreader, as well as professional experience in copywriting, technical writing, and English education. I'm also a member of ACES: The Society for Editing. Feel free to compare my pricing with the market rate for editorial services, and check out my work samples here. To inquire further about how I may help with your project, please contact me.

Line editing

In-depth editing to overhaul the execution of your writing. Diction, style, sentence structure, voice, tone...


Copy editing

Proofreading + 

minor stylistic suggestions.

Grammar, consistency, some diction, clarity...



Editing for errors:

Typos, run-on sentences, formatting, spelling...


Client testimonials

"Aaron helped my book to become the best version of itself. I appreciate his attention to detail, timeliness, and how great he was to work with."
- MJ James
Author of In-Between

Free writing resources

Not yet sure if you need an editor, but want some self-guided help?
Here are some excellent resources to help elevate your writing:

  • The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) -- A very comprehensive guide for all things writing related. Whether you're looking for an explanation of comma splices or citing encyclopedic articles in APA style, the OWL has an answer for you.

  • Grammar Girl -- This is a collection of tips, articles, and podcasts on the finer points of writing. Ms. Fogarty includes great insight into the why of writing conventions, which I find far more helpful and interesting than a simple rule or chart.

  • Hemingway Editor -- Paste your writing into this platform and watch a multitude of feedback unfold: grade-level readability, voice, diction, sentence complexity. You can also download it for offline use.

  • Grammarly for Google Docs -- The default spellchecker for Google Docs is mediocre at best. With the Grammarly plugin, you're bound to catch more typos and mistakes. It's no substitute for a human editor, but it definitely helps clean up your document before sending it off.

  • Meetup -- This is a general site for finding groups and events, but you can search for writing-related activities in your area. The best step I've taken for my own writing habits was to join a writing group.

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